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Subject:  80`s8/10/2005
I think I remember it.. I taught high school NH. and raised 2 children..still keep in touch with Bill Welser and Bstsey Cooper.. I am still teaching chemistry high school and college..32 years.. it went by too quickly.. looking forward to another B"ville reunion!!!! Cathy Wheeler Duxbury Little
- Cathy Wheeler Duxbury Little
Subject:  Our 20 year reunion in 19874/19/2007
I took 3 weeks off that summer, my sister got married the first weekend, I travelled up to see Dave Winchester in New Hampshire, drove all over NY, and the last weekend was the reunion. What a great time. I remember sitting out by the pool with Laurie Kelly , Mike Mott, Steve Jakway , Herb Masser & my brother Gary & Barb Glenn, and it started to rain, that nice warm summer rain, and some of us just sat there chatting, and I got soaking wet, but I didn`t care. I bet Kathy Mazoway that there would be at least one grandparent there & sure enough ...but it wasn`t me, I had the youngest baby that year.
- Richard Lavallee
Subject:  Getting fired by the President7/6/2007
What an addition to my resume, fired by the President of the United States. I was president of the local PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controller`s Organization) at Binghamton Tower when we went I strike. I say we because my wife was also a controller and it was a tough decision; keep one income or stick with our convictions and both go on strike. Well we both went on strike and were fired by the POTUS. We survivied on family donations and welfare, but it was tough to get any government agencies to help because it was an illegal strike and they thought we were going back to work. It eventually all worked out; I went back to school, got my CPA and life has been a bed of roses ever since. Not really but that`s another story for another day.
- Pete Young
Subject:  Viriginia8/7/2007
In 1983 my husband was assigned to the DOD so off we moved to Woodbridge , VA. I worked for a Pediatric group and by this time had 3 daughters. At the 20th reunion, I discovered that Bill Welser lived in Springfield, VA, about 10 miles from us, he was attending the War College at the time as I recall. Bob Widger, John Snavlin and Caroline Van Blarcom all lived in nearby Maryland. After the reunion we had a picnic at our house , everyone brought their families. Bob was on vacation in NC and unable to attend. We had a great time, until our game of volleyball, which ended with our middle daughter dislocating her shoulder and a trip to the ER..!
- Karen P. Carter
Subject:  What a great country 8/7/2007
These were the more boring years. Started in 1980 refurbishing telephones at a Rochester Tel subsidiary in Cortland NY - Rotelcom. Worked my way up to shift supervisor. Next step was into the office as a buyer. Posted my resume in 1984 and got hired as Assistant Purchasing Manager at Anixter Bros. in Cinncinati, OH. After 2 years they bought out Rotelcom and I was moved back to Rochester NY as Purchasing Manager and managed all the material that Rochester Tel used. Got into sales in `89. Hired by Northern Telecom 1990 and worked for them for 12 years - traveled constantly all over the U.S. and made the big bucks. I told you this part was boring.
- John Mann
Subject:  changes...8/9/2007
The 80`s were exciting for me. I began working where I am now at SRI International. I started as being a sign language interpreter for a deaf man there. It was neat being the "fly on the wall" as discussions were being held about naming things ".com" and ".gov" and ".edu". But I also branched out and started learning about computers. Then in 1984 - our first son was born. - I joined a Toastmasters club at work. - I also started a graduate program in computer engineering at San Jose State University. All of that kept me pretty busy through the end of the decade.
- Hal Huntley
Subject:  The adventure continues-more diapers9/11/2007
We got the itch to go back to Baldwinsville in 1982 and found that the old Glanville Funeral Home on Lamson Road was up for sale. I had always loved that house, so we sold the CT house and moved back. Charlie quit his job, I sold the school, and we went on faith. I spent a month in the Phillipines, where my brother, Ken (’62) was taking command of his flying squadron, and Charlie stayed home with the kids. When I returned, he found a super job at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, as a biomedical engineer, I was working for PHP, and we were once again secure-or so we thought. We decided to pursue adoption, as my heart health would not allow another pregnancy, so we registered with FCVN in Denver, and started the process for a child from India. Two years later, our daughter, Miranda arrived and we were in love at first sight. She was tiny, adorable, and the center of our family’s world. Miranda died in August ’85 of liver failure, probably the result of Hep B which she must have gotten from her mother. It was devastating and nearly tore us apart. Reading the statistics of how few marriages survive the loss of a child made me even more determined to stick it out, but I will never say that it was easy. It took years of work, and suffice it to say that none of us will ever be the same. We had already applied for another Indian adoption, and the agency graciously stepped up the process. Natalie arrived in March ’86 at four months old, and captured our hearts immediately. Then along came Christopher who was supposed to be a 30 day placement foster child. He was five weeks old, shiny black, and cute as a button. We were told that his prognosis was grim, as he had an enlarged ventricle in his brain, and many, many medical problems. Well, he is 21 now, and he STAYED!! His adoption was finalized when he was 10. In ’87, there were rumors that Charlie would be transferred to Binghamton, so we found a house in Greene, NY and moved our family there. Our oldest graduated the following year and left the nest.
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